Elephant walk in uptown Charlotte, plus several others from my first time out with the 25 mm.

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Re: 25mm vs 20mm

Both are wonderful lens.  I have used the 20 mm most of the time since I purchased it.  I do believe that the 25 mm is sharper, but the main point is that it gives you a different point of view.  Yes, you can crop and I have in the past, two of these were.  But you can also learn a lot on how to use your equipment by viewing You Tube videos on street photography, I did.  If they hadn't come out with the 25 mm I would have been very happy shooting with the 20 mm, but I think that I will be using the 25 mm most of the time now.

As far as shooting.  In some of the videos I watched, one of the photographers actually was holding his flash in his hand, and walking almost up to a person and shooting them.  I don't work that way, and I don't think you could get away with that in Charlotte.  One from a person named John Free looks to be selling you his course, but has a good outlook as to how to shoot.  H.C.B. has several videos on shooting street that I liked.  Free has something he calls the 20 degrees approach for people who might feel uncomfortable shooting people they don't know.  He stands close to the subject but turned about 20 degrees away from the subject.  Gets ready to shoot, turns and takes the shot and moves on.  The subject doesn't realize that they just had their photo taken.  That was how I shot the three women looking at their electronic device.  And this just might be the most important improvement between the 20 mm vs 25 mm lens, the speed at which it can focus.  I read several reports on this lens, both here and one other forum before I made my purchase.  It wasn't until I watched what some full time street photographers were shooting with that I made the purchase.  It was after I used it that I realized that this was a keeper, as it is sharper than my old pro Nikon lens were, but then these new m 4/3 lens are of brand new designs and that is really important.  Hope that helps some.


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