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Terrier989 wrote:

Hi all,

I have never owned a Nikon but may do soon (P7700), have read most of the threads here, so some comment/questions .

1) P7000 launched aug 2010, P7100 Aug 2011, P7700 aug 2012 - can we expect P7800 aug 2013?.

Why not? New models are usually released at similar intervals for their camera type. Entry level DSLRs for example usually see new models every year. More advanced models often are replaced every two years. The most expensive "pro" models are replaced with completely new models every four years or so, but sometimes have slightly improved new versions slipped in after two years, retaining most of the model designation. Examples are the D300 -> D300s and the D3 - D3s.

2)What happened to P7200, 200 ,400, 500, 600? did they explain the break in sequencing.

No explanation has been given. No explanation has been given for why the D90 and D300 DX DSLRs weren't replaced by a D100 (oh, that's an old model from ancient times) or a D400. Instead, Nikon started selling a D7000, and the D50, D40, D60 models were retired by the D3000 and D5000.

Would hate to get caught like folks who buy Ipad, Iphone with new models dropping out of the ether and no upgrades possible to current model.

Don't expect much in the way of upgrades to the current models, other than firmware upgrades that usually provide bug fixes. The P7000 had serious autofocus problems which were fixed with the P7100. After the P7100 had been introduced, Nikon supplied a firmware update for the P7000 that greatly improved its autofocusing, but also made the P7000 incompatible with non-Nikon batteries.

I would hope next model has bigger ccd (as was explained to me this will increase aperture min from F8 to f11/16/32 who knows) , and faster processor for focus, data transfer etc.

If it has a larger sensor (and it should be CMOS, not CCD) then either the lens will be much larger or the maximum aperture will be smaller or the focal length range will be smaller, so don't count on the next model having a larger sensor while resembling the P7700. A faster processor is very possible, but the smallest aperture will remain about the same. You wouldn't want to use f/11, f/16 or f/32 when the sensor is smaller than a DSLR's sensor, because image quality will be seriously degraded. If you want to understand why, google "diffraction blurring".

So decision is whether to wait and hope or jump in soon.

If you currently have a decent camera that produces photos that you're very satisfied with, it makes sense to wait. On the other hand, if the P7700 is significantly better than your current non-Nikon camera, you'd probably be better off getting a P7700 now. What camera are you currently using?

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