REALLY wanna jump into Sigma, but what about a decent RAW workflow?

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Re: REALLY wanna jump into Sigma, but what about a decent RAW workflow?

I normally shoot all images (regardless of camera) in RAW with an exposure bias of -.3 (-.6) in very bright sun. I process these in ACR. With the DP2M I batch convert with DPP to 16 bit tiff files. These are very large files (70-80 MB) but I rarely have any issues with highlight recovery. The Sigma seems slightly better than my Canon 5D2 in this regard. The only issue that I have with this workflow is with the white balance. ACR is more limited when adjusting white balance on tiff files. This workflow is slightly cumbersome, but batch processing it makes it manageable. THe down side is that you end up with a number of very large files (RAW, tiff and jpg).

That being said, if you are looking for a work tool you are probably going to be better off with the D800. It is an excellent camera, very versatile, familiar and I'm sure that you already have Nikon lenses. You still have your digital back when you want very high image quality.

Now, the good part: If your budget allows, get the Sigma M as well. You will enjoy it more than almost anything else with your clothes on.

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