What Is The One Feature You Would Most Like To See In A DSLR?

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One feature I would love to see, well two really.

I would love the following two options,

1) A true raw image.

Nikon do not provide you with a true raw image unlike canon, the image is always processed before its saved on the card and they modded the mode3 option out of the D3 with their latest firmware. Why, well if they did then they might get more people using their camera for astronomical imaging which needs an unprocessed raw image.

2) A programable Bulb function

For the same reason above, 30s is not long enough and to use the bulb you need a cable, yes i know you can hold the button down, but that will never work, allow us to select up to say 900s yes 15 mins! Yes i know that i can use and do use a computer to extend the bulb but that means more leads.
What i want is to dump the camera on the back of the telescope, set it up for 50 shots at 300s, press the button and off it goes.

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