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jmorrison0722 wrote:

I'm about to purchase a new DSLR, a replacement for my old and now non-functioning Canon Digital Rebel. The very first digital rebel...yup that old. My only complaint with the Canon is the built in flash. Seems like there's a sweet spot (perhaps 6-10 feet away) where it does well, but anything closer is blown out. I recently tried out a friends Canon T3i and it seems to have the same issue. A coworker brought a Nikon D3100 to work and I was blown away. Using the built in flash, it seemed like I just couldn't take a bad least not compared to the Canon.

Is this a common complaint/issue between the two brands? The only negative I found with the Nikon was the pictures seemed to be a bit more flat than those taken with the canon. Not sure I can describe it any better...the Canon images (non flash pictures of course) were more vibrant. Perhaps the Nikon could use a filter of some kind? Is this an easy fix?

Some feedback/advice in the these two areas would be awesome! The cameras I'm looking at are:

Canon T3, Canon T3i

Nikon D3100, Nikon D5100

Thanks so much!!!

yes, Canon colors are more accurate and the "IQ" image is better however I rarely use pop-up flash because the hot shoe flash is much better.  The latest models can use wireless RF instead of the pop-up to trigger off camera lighting which is even better but off course that costs ...

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