Any Former Olympus Shooters? Have E-PM1, Considering Cheap V1 Kit

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Re: Any Former Olympus Shooters? Have E-PM1, Considering Cheap V1 Kit

Former PM1 user here.

Image output is close enough for most uses. There's more noise in the CX sensor even at low ISOs but it's easily cleaned or if you're like me left alone. I like the look. Color is Nikonish and if you shoot both at the same scene you'll have less trouble matching. Metering and AWB is very good - just like the PM1.

Silent shutter is awesome. FPS and buffer fill is pretty remarkable. 1/16000 shutter can be useful.

Built in viewfinder and overall handling/response is very nice. Very snappy. Needs a finger grip/half case - just like the PM1.

The 18.5 would be a great future addition. Sharp, fast focusing, and reasonably priced.

The FT-1 makes your 50mm 1.8G a nice 135mm with pretty fast AF acquisition. It only works with center point and AF-S but I like using mine much more than I had thought I would. I'd bet even your 18-105 would be fun.


The SCP is great and you will feel the V1's limited menu access.

There is a dumb hotshoe adapter that would allow use of the level.

Fill flash - SBN5 is nice but needs more power and isn't cheap. The newer one should be good but I don't think it swivels. Deal breaker for me but may be OK for you.

Lastly - I really miss the Rokinon 7.5mm.

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