The White House Coup of 1933

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I am glad I could provide a platform for you....

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What about the White House coup of November 1963 engineered by the same people that reign over us peasants now?

Feel free to ellaborate 28-70, but just what does the fact the banksters of this time in history were financing the genocide of Jews tell you? What does that say about your whole theory of the Jews and banksters being one in the same?

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Very good Collett, I'm glad you asked. This is the way I see it. Conditions in Germany from 1918 to 1933 were terrible in that the government was full of socialists and communists. Most of these socialist like today, were destroying the country. Hitler understood the control the International Banksters had over Germany. Like today, these international banksters were predominantly Jewish, with allies in the form of goys like the Rockefellers and JP Morgan. These banksters set up the Federal Reserve in the United States in 1913. These bankstesr don't give a hoot whether you are a Christian or a Jew.

These banksters initially bankrolled Hitler because they saw in him a better deal than what the commies were up to. Hitler knew the ills of the world were caused by the usury of these banksters. He set out to destroy them. Once the banksters found out the true intent of Hitler, they decided to declare war on him.

Just look up Judea declares war on Germany in 1934 Google.

Where Hitler went wrong was assuming that all Jews were bad, but the times being what they were as most of the Europeans were anti-semitic to begin with. This of course was due to bankster usury. Even here in the United States Jews were excluded from certain businesses and elite clubs.

As I see it, Hitler was the last challenge that these banksters ever got. Oh, I'm not denying that Hitler was ruthless, but that's exactly what the world needed to defeat these banksters. But to put things in perspective, Hitler was no more ruthless than our leaders. Believe me, they are no saints.

Since the Federal Reserve Board was set up in 1913, the Dollar has lost 96% of its value. As has been seen, the banks were the only beneficiaries of the bailout. While the world suffers. Now the banksters are going to devalue your Dollars, and a lot of Americans are going to be in pain.

Oh, while the mainstream media tells us that a guy named Slim from Mexico, and Bill Gates are the richest persons in the world to the tune of 60 and 55 billion Dollars, the Rothschild family has investments in most of the businesses in the world, own land everywhere, and are estimated to have close to 300 trillion dollars in mostly gold. We really don't know how much because governments are not allowed to look into their worth. Besides, these sons of benedicts own the governments, own the politicians at all levels, and own all of us peasants.

I am glad I could provide a platform for you.... to express your views, but then again you seem to find one wherever you go

Ever think of starting your own web site (if you have not already)? Seriously, do you sell gold for a living?

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