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A Little Morality?

The good and bad of the internet.

I for one am amazed how many people "buy" a camera just to return it because it is "not their cup of tea".

For every one of these acts of "trying" there WILL BE a sap on the other end getting a repackaged camera, coming on these threads complaining that they didn't get a new camera.

I am amazed that people rationalize such acts because there is a "return policy".  However, most of these return policies actually are for "defective" equipment and if not defective have a restocking fee of 15%.

When it comes to Amazon, they rarely check a return, which I know for a fact and "trust" the customer, who rarely writes the real reason for the return.

I happened to have purchases an SSD that was actually incompatible with my external SATA III port, returned it telling them the reason and they did charge me 15% restocking fee.  I didn't claim "broken" which most do.

There are many gray zones in life and I understand the rationalizations of most who feel "these are big companies who make a ton", but the reality is those who partake in the practice of sending back equipment not because it is broken, but because they don't like it, are not hurting those big bad companies but hurting the sap getting a repackaged camera.

Plus it is nothing more than gaming the system.

Go find a local dealer or rent a camera and use it for awhile before buying it.  I understand that takes a little effort BUT it is the right thing to do.

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