What Is The One Feature You Would Most Like To See In A DSLR?

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This Is How I Would Want To See It Work?

You buy your new D5 or D900.  Take it out of the box and charge the battery.  Now, as you set up your options, WB, Picture Controls, etc to get the camera to work the way you want, you also go to the Social Media menu and configure it to tell the camera the name of your facebook page, your twitter account, etc.

Now it's time.  You are standing outside the Lincoln Center during NYFW and Paris Hilton walks past and looks over her shoulder and smiles at you (in spite of what alot of people say, she is a pretty girl)...you have the "money shot".  You click your preview button to see the image on your monitor.  You click the Social Media button which then brings up a little drop-down menu that says "facebook", "twitter", "instagram".  You use your multi-selector to tab up or down to the right one and press the ok button.  Away the image goes to your facebook page, or twitter account, etc.

I prefer this to just automatic routing as I don't want to upload everything as the "money shot" could get stuck in a logjam of images, plus why upload the flubs?

This is what I want, 100% in-camera with no attachments.  Nikon? Santa Claus? Anybody?

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