Why to pay a fortune for PW system?

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Re: I paid a kings ransom for my Radio Popper PX, with my 580EX's

The radio poppers have dropped from 249.00 to 189.00. I think during shows they offer 10-15% discounts. I think I paid 300.00 for a set of the original blue PW back in 01ish. I got two sets and an extra receiver for 160.00 within a year. They all still work every week. Just do not forget to turn them off. If a battery dies in them they will probably be disposable, I did that with one receiver once. It still works but I have put a tick of gaffers tape on it. Occasionally, it plays dead and if I unplug the cable it resets itself. I really wanted the PW flex system to work as I first saw them at WPPI in 2008 or 2009. (memory fading). They had promised a Nikon version in 3 months. It was 2 years. And all the Canon issues, boot sequence etc. And the RP now have a much better interface than the tubes. They are interchangable from N to C if needed.

Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Nikon, Canon, Sony. They are all just tools and will all produce. I would try out the Quantuns, but I do not buy lottery tickets-LOL. I still have a T and T2 and use them with PWs as kicker lights at weddings or events sometimes. Set them on manual at low power and use a threaded Nikon cord off the SB flash to transmitter. The Nikon system adjusts pretty well for the extra light. And if it misses, I shoot raw.

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