The 'Sandy Hook heckling' lie - Why are media lies so accepted ?

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Re: The 'Sandy Hook heckling' lie - Why are media lies so accepted ?

JulesJ wrote:

PhD4 wrote:

Whether editing the George Zimmerman 911 call (NBC)

Or now editing the Sandy Hook hearing and claiming there was heckling (MSNBC)

(I've been told NBC has a long running history of doctoring and editing to support their lies)

Why do none of you Dems condemn them, yet focus so much of your time and energy calling FOX news "faux" news, or claiming they aren't credible.... but running with threads like the "Sick Scum" ones of yesterday where MSNBC edited a video and claimed someone was heckled.

Actual video before MSNBC edit

So he wasn't heckled. No one dared speak, until he mentioned it again, then a few spoke up and answered his question, before they got shut down for daring to speak.

I saw when FOX used the wrong photo for an event they were reporting on, and it bothered me that they were that careless.

I never see any of you denounce the actions of the liberal media when they outright lie, and edit videos to do so.

Phud must've had an argument with his wife this morning to be drooling out this drivel.

Have a coffee Phud and start again.

  1. This was yesterday evening.
  2. I'm way too young to be married.
  3. You aren't forced to read it.
  4. You are asked not to respond to the actual topic though, and just insult (well done).
  5. You're still very old.
  6. You're still very stupid.
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