600EX-RT review

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Re: 600EX-RT review

Zee Char wrote:

Silverwind wrote:

It's a good review with lots of real-world examples.

Only problem at the moment is the cost of them.

I wish they would make some sort of backward compatible reciever for the 580ex2. If 3rd party manufacturers can do it, so can Canon.

It would be nice but why would they want to? They want you to spend your money by purchasing their new gear. Must be heaven for them putting a new camera out every 18 months. In the old days we kept a high end SLR's for so long we could register them as antiques Mind you tech is changing pretty rapidly these days.

It's just my angst with corporations.  Adobe is one example.  You produce a new version. Offer it to market and then promptly discontinue a year-old product and its support.  Why?  Not every one of us have $200-$400 every year to spend on new products.  And why should I have to upgrade just because my camera equipment is new?  Support your product for a few more years.

Same with Canon.  Why should a 3rd party do what you could do for less?

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