SSD drive for my photos - it's worth it, right?

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Re: SSD drive for my photos - it's worth it, right?

To the original question - going from hard drive to SSD might make a huge difference, or it might make only some difference.

If your system is memory contrained, then an SSD will show very little difference.  The last thing you want to do is put an SSD into a system that does memory swapping.  SSD's have limited lifespans - you can only write to them so many times.  A top line SSD should last you around 5 years, but when Windows starts memory swapping it really, really thrashes the hard drives.  That could have a major impact on the lifespan of your SSD.

If your system is not memory constrained, and if there are no other major bottlenecks, and if your hard drive is slow, then an SSD will make a significant difference.

I recently upgraded my main system (i7 860, LGA-1156, 16Gb RAM, GTX-660 2Gb video) from a WD Velociraptor 10,000rpm hard drive to an SSD, and it makes a huge difference in many ways.  Boot time and shutdown time are not significant since the system runs 24x7, but starting all applications and loading datafiles just flies.  Loading images is faster, but not by such a huge margin.

For video editing, upgrading to the GTX-660 made a huge difference.  Sometimes, it is about the processing, not the data transfer.

I also upgrade my main laptop (Fujitsu P770, i7, 8Gb RAM, Intel graphics) to an SSD.  Actually two SSDs, an Intel 520 series 480Gb drive and an Intel 330 series 240Gb drive in holder where the optical drive used to be - pretty cool for a 12" laptop!  Again the SSD made a huge difference to almost everything.  Boot times and shutdown times are much, much faster, and starting apps and loading files is much, much faster.

Please note that the difference between my upgrades and yours is that my systems were pretty much optimized to start with.  That means that any bottlenecks were with the slowest hardware - which, in my case, were the hard drives.  In your case, I think you need another 4Gb RAM, and maybe another 12GB to go to 16Gb total, depending on how many applications you have open, and how much they use memory.  Also, the type of video and the speed of the CPU are potential bottlenecks for you.

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