Considering selling my SEL 16 and adaptors and replacing with the Nikon 1 6.7-13 VR...

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Re: Considering selling my SEL 16 and adaptors and replacing with the Nikon 1 6.7-13 VR...

seachicken2000 wrote:

I reckon the 10-18mm lens has a lot going for it.

Converting the Nikon and Sony lenses to FF equivalent to compare.

Nikon: 18-35mm f/9.5-15; Sony: 15-28mm f/6

Personally I quite like the wider end of the range but you may have other ideas :-).

The Nikon lens includes the 28-35mm range which you might appreciate but at f/15 equiv. you are in the zone where diffraction is starting to have an impact. This range would be covered by your NEX standard zoom in any case. The 10-18mm lens seems to be a superb lens, and for landscapes with a lot of detail the Nikon combination will be no match.

On the other hand, you could just pick up the Nikon without needing to faff around changing lenses.

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I like normal primes and slightly wide angles mostly which is why the 35mm is top of my wishlist at the moment. To me ultra wide is a nice to have rather than a necessity which is what has lead me to the 6.7-13. At £600 or what ever the 10-18 costs, I cant justify the expendature to myself. We are getting into the 24mm teritory and I already ruled that out due to cost despite the fact that its my favoured focal length on an APSC sensor. Photography is just a hobby for me.

The equivalent f stops it something that concerns me, but having shot with the 30-110 on that system, im happy to shoot with the lens wide open as it seems that is were its at its best. I would do the same with the wide angle zoom. For the type of things I would be shooting with it I wouldnt need shallow depth of field with it anyway. I have no intention of using it in low light, the VR is just a bonus for me as Ill be trying to keep the ISO at 400 or above to landscape type shots.

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Wish list: Fast E mount 24-28 that wont break the bank. Fast Nikon 1 telephoto lens.

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