Pentax K-x & Sigma EF-610 ST – a dependable combo?

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Re: Pentax K-x & Sigma EF-610 ST – a dependable combo?

p1amen wrote:

I'm using K-x with Sigma EF..... PTTL and had problems with the synchronization. Often got a black shots due to this. Happens it working for 2-3 shots, some times more and after that it flashes but not simultaneously with the camera. It starting to work normally after reset. Still did not know where this comes from. Is it from PTTL communication between camera and flash or it is camera software or flash defect...

My colleague mentioned he had same problem with some older Pentax DSLR like K100 and others but this never happens with K7.

Are these black shots during rapid / contitious shooting? This can make you shutter actuate before the flash re-charges. Quite possibly you already know it, but in case you don't this will be usefull..

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