What Is The One Feature You Would Most Like To See In A DSLR?

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Re: What Is The One Feature You Would Most Like To See In A DSLR?

Carl Maiorino wrote:

I have thought long and hard on this one, if I could ever talk to the "powers that be" at Nikon, what would I plead for...so here it goes...

I have spent the last 6 years shooting runway and other events in the fashion and entertainment industry in New York City, Miami and elsewhere (branching out to Europe hoprfully this year or next). I see alot of interesting rigs, especially on the red carpet and celebrity arrival areas...flash attachments that look like something out of Star Wars and all kinds of stuff...wonderful, but that doesn't make you a better shooter when Johnny Nikon with just a simple flash gets the shot because he was just quicker than you.

Last season at NY Fashion Week, I saw some Getty photographers shooting with iPhones and iPads...yep, you heard it right, iPhones and iPads!!! Why? Speed!!! The bloggers and street fashion shooters are using smartphones and they are posting images to facebook, twitter, instagram, etc within seconds after shooting them. The media photographers have to run (or send a runner with the card) to the press lounge, download then upload, taking a half hour or more from the image capture to the upload. They have been scooped by a blogger with a $100 cell phone. Don't be a snob...the iPhone can actually shoot a pretty nice image in capable hands.

What does Nikon need to do for me? Simple! A DSLR that is wi-fi enabled (better yet with a 4G data plan from Verizon, Sprint, etc to connect virtually anywhere) and a Social Media menu that allows me to snap an image of Mr Superstar or Miss Superstar and IMMEDIATELY UPLOAD THE IMAGE TO A SOCIAL MEDIA SITE, STRAIGHT FROM THE CAMERA. In seconds, just like the bloggers with smartphones can do.

Please Nikon, please?

For those of you who think this is foolish and scoff at this, welcome to the 20th Century, welcome to the 1990's and the old way of doing things...this industry, and the way we shoot and share images, is going to change drastically in the next few years. Ironically, Nikon's and Canon's biggest compettiors might not be each each other, the DSLR's biggest competitor might not be 4/3 or mirrorless...they might all be fighting the mighty smartphone and tablet as Apple and others listen to consumers (and even some professionals who will use whatever tool gets the job done) and makes these devices even slicker...

More from the pit later as NYFW approaches...

Do you mean cellular-capable rather than wifi? Probably both would be optimal for your needs.

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