Question about Chromatic Aberration and what it means in the world of m4/3 and RAW processing softwa

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Re: Question about Chromatic Aberration and what it means in the world of m4/3 and RAW

Anders W wrote:

gtravis wrote:

Lightroom removes lateral CA automatically if you check the box labeled "Remove chromatic aberration". Don't know what the others are capable of in that regard. No RAW converter will take care of longitudinal CA automatically AFAIK. Some have tools for taking care of it manually, like the defringe tool in Lightroom.

There's definitely something going on that I don't understand. Yesterday, when playing with Aperture, LightRoom, and Capture One, it seemed none of them removed CA (yes, even with the CA button checked).

Today, playing with just Lightroom and the original RAW file (on a different computer though), it seems that Lightroom is removing CA whether or not the CA button is checked. I've looked at all the automatic import actions, etc. and don't see anything obvious.

Meanwhile, Aperture on the same laptop continues to not do anything with the CA. At least not anything automatically.

That sounds weird. Was it exactly the same image you played with?

One thing I forgot to clarify in my previous reply: If you are using a Panasonic body with a Panasonic lens, you don't have to check the box labeled "remove chromatic aberration" in Lightroom to have lateral CA eliminated. LR will do it automatically anyway. With any other camera-lens combo, you have to check the box. And elimination of longitudinal CA is always manual.

That makes sense given what I am seeing - it looks like Lightroom is doing the CA removal automatically on importing the RAW file.  I am surprised there is no way to turn that off though.

All I can think is that earlier when I thought Lightroom wasn't doing CA correction (even with the box checked) that I got my wires crossed, somehow.  I am also wondering if I mistook sensor overload (blooming) for CA.  Although the fact that Lightroom is making the image faults go away makes me think it's CA.  Or Lightroom is also doing automatic bloom removal as well as CA correction.

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