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Re: X10 vs S95... pretty identical on high dof effect... expected

dpfan32 wrote:

Yeah feel free to post the images

If you can with links to the original pictures in Flickr (to bump up my statistics )

I used the 808 with Vivid color settings (though not that vivid as the others ! even with this setting) 8 Megapixel mode (34 Megapixel oversampling to 8MP in 16:9 mode) and Superfine quality. I think sometimes I used Sunny white balance.

To my eyes the 808 pictures look more natural than the others but sometimes too cold. The S95 and iPhone 5 have very vivid pictures. The PEN makes warm colored pictures but more natural than S95 and iPhone 5 and sometimes than 808.

On pixel level the 808 is way more natural than all the other cameras. I could have made a few lowest ISO 34 Megapixel photos to show the whole power of the 808

For example this is one of my 34 Megapixel monsters ISO50 - Perfect


Thanks for the confirmation.

I agree the images on the 808 look more natural than the others. When you mentioned the pictures look too "cold", I guess you meant they look a bit flat ie. less vivid. This can be attributed to the saturation and contrast settings which are at the default. Actually the image quality of the 808 can be tweaked quite easily by adjusting the settings in Creative mode. I'll come to that later.

Coming back to your set of pictures on Flickr. Okay I will post my favourite set of images first. Image of the Olympus E-PL1 at the top, S95 in the middle and 808 at the bottom.

Link : http://www.flickr.com/photos/41150345@N06/sets/72157630516674652/

Olympus E-PL1

Canon S95

Nokia Pureview 808

If one were to blow up the pictures and view them in full resolution, one would easily notice the rich and vivid colours of the trees and buildings on the Olympus. The saturation is very high on the E-PL1. It does look "better", but sometimes one could just wonder if they look a bit unnatural. The S95 has a pleasant and nice colours, but overall still look a bit bright than the 808 which looks most natural here.

It is very easy to tweak the IQ of the 808 here if you want the picture to look more like the Olympus with richer and saturated colours.

I assume the image of the 808 is taken with the setting as below.

If you bump up the saturation (and perhaps sharpness) on the 808 like in this setting below, you will definitely get a richer and more vivid image, and the difference will be quite noticeable or significant.

If you want even more vivid colours, you can increase the saturation a notch higher. The image will look more "cartoonish" if you use a higher saturation setting. The colours will be appear a lot vivid or richer though it will not look natural anymore.

I just got to know about this setting adjustments from another forummer who owns the 808. I have tried increasing the saturation and the difference is quite remarkable. The 808 is very responsive to these saturation, contrast and sharpness settings, almost like a DSLR. Try it sometime.

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