EM-5 + 9-18 for Real Estate photos...Love it!

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Re: EM-5 + 9-18 for Real Estate photos...Love it!

Brent J wrote:

S. Miller wrote:

These are great shots Brent. Did you use any speedlights, or was the shoot done using only natural light as well as the house lights?



Yes, I should have mentioned that. I use the Oly FL 36 on the camera to trigger one or two Yongnuo 560II Speedlites set on "slave" mode. Some people think the Yongnuo 560II is as good as the Nikon SB-80DX but for about half the price. I think the question is if they are as reliable as the SB-80. I have two of them and I plan to buy more.

In the photos I posted, the FL36 is pointed straight up to the ceiling and the 560IIs are bounced off a wall or also the ceiling.

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Thanks Brent,

I have a somewhat similar setup when I need extra light. Left over from my Canon days, I have two Pocket Wizard FlexTT5's connected to a pair of Speedlight 580EX's (I and II) that are triggered by the MiniTT1 in the hot shoe. Of course everything is shot manually, but that's what I prefer anyway. I've thought about moving to an Olympus flash system, but don't really see the benefits. Am I missing something?


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