Macro for Oly 14-150: MCON-P01 or Canon 500D or Canon 250D?

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Re: Can't compare

Art_P wrote:

since I only have a Marumi

I find it seems to have a coating resistant to dirt/grime

Note that the Raynox is a clip on, while the others screw on. Clip on is quick to change, fits multiple thread sizes, probably not compatible w most hoods, (and could get knocked off if working in heavy brush?)

Nice summary.

They certainly can get knocked off. The clip-on adaptor has two little lugs and I have twice broken adaptors by breaking the lugs. Since the second breakage I have used step rings; for example here is a Raynox 250 mounted on my 45-175 lens.The Raynox 150 and 250 have 43mm threads. (They also have 49mm filter threads, which can be used as here for a protective/UV filter or, with a 49-43 step down ring, to stack the 150 and 250.)

The strange ("larger then smaller") double step ring arrangement stems from the fact that before I bought the 45-175 I used my close-up lenses on a 45-200 lens, which has a 52mm filter thread. The 45-175 has a 46mm filter thread. As I had all four of my close-up lenses set up with their own step rings to work at 52mm, I simply bought a 46-52 step up ring and I leave this on the main lens the whole time. This has the added advantage that if I do cross a thread it is probably going to be on one of the step rings and not on the main or close-up lens.

I change between close-up lenses frequently. I keep the step ring on the main lens and the step ring on each close-up lens "gently but firmly" screwed up, but when I change between close-up lenses I keep the join where the two step rings meet looser. I rotate them until they come to a halt, and then do a very slight (smallest I can) reverse rotation.

And just in case, I keep a filter remover wrench in my bag, although even with that a stuck filter/ring can be pretty difficult to undo.

Threaded filters are slower to mount/dismount, danger of cross threading if in a hurry, but can be used w hood, and can be stacked if needed.

Good points. It is similar with step rings.

Another difference is that the glass in threaded close-up lenses has larger diameters than in the Raynox lenses, so are likely to suffer less from vignetting. The amount of vignetting depends on the main lens and the add-on lens. I don't get any with any of my close-up lenses on my 45-175 or 45-200, but a lot with the 14-42, as illustrated here .

This illustrates some differences in glass diameters.

Of course, the Canon and Marumi close-up lenses come in various sizes, both larger and smaller than the 58mm 500D shown here on the left.

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