D4 Firmware update 1.04

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Re: D4 Firmware update 1.04

Steven Jackson wrote:

gmthomp wrote:

Can anyone confirm that the D4 firmware is accumulative? I recently bought a D4 from someone who bought it last year and never opened it. So, it is "new" but does not have any firmware updates applied. I'd appreciate your comments on this...

From Nikon website

"This service provides software for upgrading D4Ato ver 1.04 andBfirmware to ver.1.02. This software allows for simultaneous update of bothAandBfirmware to the latest version from any previous firmware version. If this latest firmware version is already installed in your camera, you need not proceed with download or installation of this Firmware Upgrade. Current firmware versions can be verified from theFirmware versionitem in the camera's setup menu."



Thanks Steve...appreciate it.

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