Do you use layered Tifs?

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Re: Do you use layered Tifs?

richardplondon wrote:

[BTW a far greater filesize impact is involved in the choice of 16-bit vs 8-bit, also in the decision to use, or not use, Smart Object function when processing from a Raw file. Most importantly, in the decision to convert to a file in the first place, rather than working parametrically from the Raw wherever that is possible.]

Concerning these points, in my case this is the situation:

I always work in 16 bit when possibile.

I mainly work with ACDSee/DXO and PSP, so Smart Objects never enter in my usual workflow, and besides I assume that they further reduce the compatibility with non-Adobe applications.

Working parametrically in raw developers is possible until one doesn't need/want use layers, that however are very useful for many purposes, including the possibility to fine tuning the effects of plugins (e.g. the Topaz bundle). It is just at this point that it becomes important to choose the best format for layered files.

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