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Harvest2003 wrote:

I hopefully will be getting a camera in the next 4-6 weeks, was hoping this time last year I was going to get a D7000 but it didn't work out. I was considering a Panasonic FZ150 or FZ200 but since I work at Walmart and have a 10% discount, they have the camera with a 18-55mm vr kit lens for 549.00 not counting the discount. I know the FZ200 is as much as the set, I know I won't have the range as the Panasonic at first but I want a camera with great video and photo quality at a reasonable price to video my 10 and 13 year old daughters before they grow up much more. Any advise would be appreciated, Thanks.

FZ200 is a great camera for what it is! From macros to Moon, you'll be able to shoot a wide variety of things with just one set-up. A camera with a 600mm stabilized zoom and a fixed f/2.8 max-aperture is very good for birding/wild-life and also for walk-around purpose! But the all-round convenience will come at the price of image quality, specially when compared with DSLRs in same price bracket. I personally won't be willing to spend that kind of a sum for what is still a "bridge" camera! The fact that you can get something like a D5100 for less makes it a no-brainer as others have suggested. A DSLR also makes sense for shooting kids in action/low light events.

You might also want to consider learning a bit more about choosing the proper lenses for your requirements. If you want long-range for instance, there are options (55-300mm vr) that would cover at least 75% of what the Panasonic offers at the tele end but at extra cost!

Video is another thing though and if that's what you're planning on using your new camera for then the D5100 (and most DSLRs for that matters) may not be a good option for the obvious lack of smooth AF! D5100 in particular has some limitations regarding manual control as Pedro Freitas mentioned. Good luck

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