x100 now or x100S on Feb 18th?

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Re: Hang on for a bit

John Bean (UK) wrote:

sibyy wrote:

Wouldn't you spend £500 just for the amazing lens of the X100?

Indeed. When I bought the X100 originally it cost me about £700 for a grey market model with no Fuji warranty, but I always regarded it a bargain - and the lens alone was worth the cost in comparison with lenses like the Zeiss branded 24/1.8 for the NEX cameras that I used at that time. The X100 came free with its £700 lens

I'm keeping my X100 at least as a backup camera.

I sold my original X100 last October when the third party warranty expired and ended up with £470 after ebay and paypal fees, intending to buy another (but with warranty) when the time was right. When I realised a few weeks ago that I could get a replacement X100 from Fuji UK with full warranty for less than £490 I decided the time was right.

The "new" X100 was sold as a factory refurb but there's no indication of that, not even a sticker on the box. Looks and feels brand new. Bargain.


how would you compare the NEX with the Zeiss 24mm f1.8 to the X100 with regards to image quality?

I'm looking at getting the Zeiss for my NEX-6 because I'm sick of waiting for the Fuji 23mm

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