Anyone understands the point of Nikon's Auto ISO logic on D600?

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Re: Regardless how hard you say, you are still wrong olyflyer

pavi1 wrote:

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ISO varies between your base ISO and the maximum as you set in the camera. Base is is set by what is called "ISO sensitivity" in the same menu, or through using the back dial.

No. ISO varies between 100 and max value set in the camera. Period.

Do this simple test -

  1. Set Max ISO for Auto ISO to 6400
  2. Set camera to Manual exposure with Aperture F/8 and Shutter Speed 1/125 sec
  3. Set base ISO in camera to 3200
  4. Now go out in bright conditions and shoot
  5. Then report back what ISO values were selected by the camera

The camera behaves exactly same as written in the user manual - minimum value of ISO is always 100. For D3, it used to always 200.

Repeat the test with Aperture set to F/22 and Shutter Speed to 1/8000. What you will notice is the ISO maxes out at 6400 even though the images are under exposed. What this whole exercise proves is ISO varies between 100 and max value set in the camera in Auto ISO mode.

This is only true if max shutter speed is reached and ISO needs to go below your set ISO to prevent over exposure. I explained and stated several times before. Unfortunately, he does not seem to understand that, nor how to test it and what the reason for this is.

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