Some observations - Olympus/Panasonic Compatibility Issues

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Re: Some observations - Olympus/Panasonic Compatibility Issues

Yehuda_ wrote:

Main topic - MFT cameras work differently with third party accessories (the brand lens issues are well known and discussed. the pana 20 f1.7 focus speed on oly bodies etc.).

What do you think of this?

My 20mm f/1.7 focuses as quickly on my Olympus OM-D asit does on my Panny GF1. I have a Metz 24 AF1 that works well on both cameras, but I find on both cameras I need to dial in anywhere from +.3 to +.7 flash comp depending on the scene and distance to subject. Best results for this flash are using ISO 800 in my opinion.

I do get banding with the 20mm on the OMD at ISO 6400 and up. My Panny 14-45 and 45-200 lenses work fine with the OMD and my Oly 45mm and 9-18mm work fine with the GF1.


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