Get off the RX1's back

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Re: Get off the RX1's back

Stephen McDonald wrote:

By this account, anyone who thoroughly researches a new camera, reviews many photos from it and then rejects it, has no right to criticize its performance. In fact, those who didn't buy it may have shown more knowledge of it than those who did.

LTZ240 wrote:

Nope, folks should at minimum buy one from Amazon and use it for a couple of weeks then return it if not their cup of tea...I also buy many used like new cameras and lens from Amazon as well...BUT I don't talk down a camera until I have proof that it is less than my own subjective expectations...the Sony HX series is actually pi$$ poor Superzooms, but why trash talk them down even if I have researched them thoroughly and even owned one...the FZ Series trounces them easily...

I've bought a couple of cameras, tried them, rejected and returned them. But I felt bad about doing so. It isn't a good practice, to frequently take away the new status of a camera from a dealer, just to give it a try. I hope I don't have to do that again and I now do a lot more research on a model before buying it. You have to consider that most of us couldn't afford to spring for the price of an RX1, even for a short period of time.

The RX1 may have a solid and durable build, but that has little to do with its photographic capabilities or how well many people are able to learn its operation. We're at opposite poles about the relative performance of the Sony HX-Series and the Panasonic FZ-Series cameras. But that's what the process of discussion is all about here.

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