Can't use Facebook after CCleaner use

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Re: Can't use Facebook after CCleaner use

joey_B wrote:

I use CCleaner all the time, and it has never screwed up anything on my system. And yes, I do use it on all possible settings, the default ones as well as with more advanced options.

I find it strange that Isabele says that 'her facebook' is screwed up, and I find it even more strange so many of you go along in that.. Facebook isn't on your computer, it's an internet site you cannot alter. The worst you can do is delete the info Facebook sent to your browser, like cookies and cached data. And Ccleaner does a perfectly fine job there. It cannot break FB just by doing that.

The only thing you should notice after cleanup, is that your browser isn't able to log in automatically because it has forgotten your password, and that the loading of the page takes longer because it has to be buffered one again in the now empty cache. Those things have NO impact on the functionality of Facebook. The only thing I can imagine that went wrong, is that you altered some things in your browser that FB needs to run. I don't know how FB works, but I can imagine that it could be a javascript issue. or an adblocker that you have installed, or a setting that denies pop-ups to pop up...

If you are not sure why your browser is behaving this way, probably the easiest way to get rid of the problem is uninstalling your browser (use something like Revo for that), and install a clean version after that (maybe even after migrating to SSD). And a clean version of Java, just to be sure.

Agree 100%

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