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I have been using InkRepublic 38XX i-Refill system for years with good result and no problem so far. I did not know the low ink level would cause any problem, even it does, as long as you add more inks, and problem can be resolved. Again, I have never found such problem myself.

Clearly there are two marked lines on the carts , one is max ink level, and one is min ink level, as long as you keep ink levels in between, I believe you will be fine.

The i-Refill system is a wonderful design to my opinion and very easy to refill as to their wonderful IRK4-nano inks.

What exactly is the minimum level for? Is it because if allowed to empty beyond that, the pressurization of the carts would be inadequate?

If so, then I would be curious to learn just how many MLs of ink is used between the two safe fill zones from Max to Min. If it exceed the 80ml of the small carts then it's worth the trouble.

Otherwize I would not see the advantage of the large volume carts.


I have measured the two levels of one of my spare I-Refill carts :

Max is 120 ml, Min is about 20 ml , thus usefull volume is about 100 ml, by the way this is the advertized volume by IR.

One more advantage of those carts is that the vertical end where the level marks are, is chamfered making reading level by transparency very easy.

The Min level is veeerry low in hight, and due to the large bottom surface of the cart probably necessary to avoid air succion if the printer is not perfectly level. I would certainly not wait to reach the min level to refill.

Question now, what is the usefull volume of the 80 ml carts ?

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Since most refillable 80ml cart chips stay full all the time, you can actually run them dry if you are not carefull. That would be a no no.

I have also realized that the actual volume to fill one of these carts ia bout 70-75ml

I start with 60ml, prime the cart and top off to about 75ml total. But yeah, you can burn all that ink as the take up siphon is located right on the floor of the cart. OEMs have an ink bag and the chip will go empty with 8-13ml still in it.

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