Advertisers, why don't they treat us like grown-ups?

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Are Advertisers, grown-ups?

I doubt that the advertisers themselves are grown up enough themselves to know how to do that. It is extremely unlikely that marketing and advertising people remotely understand these facts and are just trying to parrot the tedious details given to them by those rather dull technical bods.

In answer to your questions.

More Zoom power than a lens with less zoom power.

Faster autofocus than a lens with slower autofocus.

Sharper pictures than if there was no stabilisation. (i.e. a Panasonic but I suspect at 300mm not that much sharper)

On Sharper pictures the latter point it is pretty honest of them to remind people they will be relying on the IBIS so really a stabilised Panasonic lens seem to me to be a better idea at 300mm.

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

Lovely bit of advertising telling us nothing in this Olympus newsletter that's just come to my in box

This is the description of the new 75-300

  • More zoom power, smaller size
  • Autofocuses faster - never miss a shot
  • Stabilized in the PEN body for even sharper pictures

At first I thought it was a comparison with the Mk1 but from what I have read on this forum that isn’t right

So it would be nice if Olympus, sorry the advertising agency, added “than what” to every line

  • More zoom power (than what), smaller size (than what)
  • Autofocuses faster (than what) - never miss a shot
  • Stabilized in the PEN body for even sharper pictures (than what)

Why can’t advertisers give us facts

Of course they could have included much less of a rip-off. I suspect that could have even been a good selling slogan

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