D3200 vs D300 for studio shot?

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Re: I doubt I'd bother

Sam Carleton wrote:

jkjond wrote:

If you see yourself making good use of it beyond that shot, then why not? If ultimate resolution is the only criteria, then I'd explore further options.

It is all about resolution, the 12MP is good, it isn't great. The first time I did this shoot, I borrowed someone Canon 1Ds at 18MP, the 12MP has never had the same level of detail I got that first year. It also happens that my son is going to be in the picture this year, so it is a bit more important. If I hand the funds, I would simply rent a 80MP MF camera and back, but I simply cannot justify that type of cost.

I've no idea what anything is in the canon range - is 1Ds a cropped or full sensor? The lens used could also be significant especially towards the edges, thought the 17-35 is a good piece of kit, peaking at about f5.6 in its mid range. Towards 35mm the 24-70 would be slightly better... real time better or just test chart better?

So, what other options do you suggest?

Well a D800 would shine, though not as a one shot a year camera, and isn't a give away price. I can see the appeal for you in the 3000series, but I'd find a single control wheel totally frustrating for the other 364 days of the year. 7000 has more dots than a 300, but its never appealed to me much. I don't think there is an easy answer, just a cheap or expensive alternative.

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