Medium format over DSLR for weddings

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Re: No way .....

Dave Luttmann wrote:

thomo wrote:

I used to use RZ67's for wedding work but that was in the days when most shots were done on a tripod using hand-held meters - the metering prism wasn't accurate enough for wedding work. I quickly reverted back to the Hasselblad 500ELX which had TTL flash metering which was perfect for fill-in flash. The RZ's were nice in a studio situation though.

These days I have a H3DII-39 'Blad but there is no way I would try and shoot a wedding with it. Your D3 and D700 are pretty much as good as it gets for wedding work (except for a D4). Hell, I wouldn't even use the D800E I picked up today - simply not worth the post-processing effort using 36Mp files!

Tripod with an RZ? Why? I use an RB handheld without and issue. Try an RZ with the 110 f2.8.... Gorgeous. Tripod....LOL

I used to use the RZ's (I had two of them) handheld some of the time (same with the Blad's) but for interior shots without flash and all the formal shots I would use a tripod. The 110/2.8 was my standard lens on one body and the 180 on the other. Remember in the film days you couldn't just blast away (or shoot and spray) because the film and processing cost were a huge part of your outlay. So a lot of effort went into posing each formal shot.

As far as MF digital they just don't match the agility and low light performance of a DSLR.

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