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Chez Wimpy wrote:

There was a photo contest in 2011 to decide a poster campaign for the national park here. Two entry themes, but in this case, the winner was selected from the "Rishiri + Ferry" category. Most of the images I have seen of the island are done horizontal, and including the boat means either a small ship on the horizon barely discernible, or something close to the lens that dominates the mountain in the background. Well, I figured that telephoto compression could be used to offer a single image of both that would be complimentary to the mountain's size and yet not render the ferry a small speck. The trick was just to abandon the sides of the mountain and focus on the peak (not sure if they considered the framing, but this is a poster - ie tall, not wide)... the icing on the top was finding a couple of gulls hanging out on the rocks just far enough from the lens to get them in the frame (and in focus). This was really the DOF/noise/diffraction limit though, taking f22 or thereabouts with 300mm on FF, at ISO400 to freeze the boat (which at this magnification is moving fast). I couldn't even use a PL filter for a striking sky/clarity in the trees because photon count was at a premium. Typical examples can be seen on the submissions link above.

Here is the selected photo:

and a photo of the final poster with my cellphone:

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This is exactly the kind of thing I was thinking of (in the telephoto category).

And a nice shot it is too.

And portrait orientation works great here.

And finally : congratulations on the honour of being chosen.

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