XZ-10 a game changer?

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Re: S110?

NIK11 wrote:

jimr wrote:

Nick...I hope that you are correct. I have my doubts as all sensor sizes have made improvements so that the gap between the performance of larger vs. smaller sensors has not appeared to be closing at all. I have not seen any evidence to the contrary....so I have no reason to believe otherwise...

Did you look at DXO comparison between the XZ1 and Pentax Q as I suggested in previous post?

The Q 1/2.3 sensor beats the XZ1 1/1.7 sensor. I am not saying this one example is the case with all comparisons, but it does indicate that 1/2.3 (Sony sensor) has improved proportionately more than 1/1.7 sensors. Contrary to your deeply held view.

I imagine Sony sell far more 1/2.3 sensors than any other size, so it should not be a surprise that they have concentrated the most development in this area.

I am as interested as you to see if this new camera can match its big brother with IQ. I think it will be close, that's all I am saying.


Agreed on all points. My experience of the XZ-1 was a super lens illuminating a fairly indifferent sensor 'larger' sensor. The XZ-1 really was not happy over ISO 200 and would have been much improved by some contemporary 1/2.3" sensors. In fact the automatic system in the XZ-1 went to desperately slow shutter speeds not go above 200. The 1/1.7" sensor is a very small sensor but just not as small and is not going to give significant sensitivity improvements to offset aperture. You would need the intermediate size sensor in Sony RX100 to achieve that.

This fast lens on the XZ-10 on such a small camera is very interesting and it should not be written off just because it is a 'pinhead' 1/2.3".

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