Jpegs and RAWs: D5200 studio test

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Re: Jpegs and RAWs: D5200 studio test

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Indeed, they used the cheap kit 18-55 on the D5100 and D5200, so not comparable to a prime. Even between the D5100 and D5200 images you find different focal planes, likely misalignement (one side o image sharper than the other), etc. Don't use these tests, even DPR's or IR's, as very reliable for resolution comparisons. All these cameras produce very good images, don't worry about that.

Re the D5200, what can be seen is the better high ISO, as I posted above, compared to any other APS-C in the market right now, including the D5100 and D7000. That can be seen from the tests, since noise can be observed in oof areas as well. The change in exposure (and they suffer from that as well) limits a final verdict, but what is been shown is compatible with the results from DxO Mark in the ISO3200 and above region, where the D5200 shows better performance than the previous Nikons (or any Canon, btw).

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I was just hoping to be able to compare the D5200 to the 650D to see how the dxomark stacked up in practice. The resolution chart and other things in the image made me hope that I could do that, but it was not obvious to me that they were using a prime on the 650D until I looked around. I don't think I can tell anything other than noise from these images, so I'm not sure whay they included a resolution chart.

I am considering this camera but am a bit worried about back focus, and I wondered if that was what I was seeing when I compared the edges of the D5200 images with the 650D at first - but when I checked the centres, they were comparable.

I have to admit, this set almost scared me into jumping for the Canon.

Even with a kit-lens, the SOOC JPEGs from comparable Canons (EOS 5xx/6xx series) are sharper than those from their Nikon counterparts. IMHO it can be attributed to the in camera processing of respective models. I have compared many SOOC JPEGs from the likes of D5100/D3200 vs. 600D/650D, side-by-side, and came to the conclusion that Nikon's default rendering is a bit softer. By default, images from entry-mid level Canons show better edge-acuity. You can check image samples from Photography-blog and Cameralabs.

Nikon's soft processing of JPEGs doesn't bother me as I can always shoot RAW and this is where Nikon sensors excel. DPR's own reviews attest this fact (look-up D5100 RAW vs. JPEG scores). Also there are settings that can be tweaked to achieve 'sharper' results OOC. But as I find the numbers of pixel peepers are growing by the day (more bandwidth to spare than before I guess ;), I'm more concerned with the fact that these high-res new-gen DSLRs from Nikon will reveal the limitations of a kit-lens much faster than before. And this fact alone could disillusion some budding enthusiasts (to whom something like a D5200 is targeted squarely) on the prospects of a DSLR!

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