New Toshiba sensor in D5200 excels at DxO Mark

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Jack Hogan Veteran Member • Posts: 6,075
It's unfortunately there, but nothing that should worry the average user

rhlpetrus wrote:

Pushing the D5200 by 2stop Exp Comp plus 100 in shadows recovery didn't produce any banding:

...Here an area with values originally down to 6 (darker area in bottle) and 2 (right of bottle):

Banding in the other image showed itself where raw values were around 10 or below, and your samples areas are way past those values. I am afraid I see it starting from about +2EC, for instance to the left of the lens of the Kodak or by the wheel in the car. Not as evident as in the other one (the dark area is very small and next to big bright ones, so it's hard for the eye to adapt and see well in the shadows - hence the 200% screen shot), but there nonetheless.

Having said this, nothing that should concern the average user. Many top end cameras (even late model Canons) are much worse than this.

PS This is also the second ISO100 image from the D5200 that upon first scutiny of the raw data through RT4 neutral profile with everything off, reminds me of slightly noise reduced data. Perhaps it's just the out of focus area of interest and/or flare that trick my perception of the image...

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