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I like PanoramaStudio Pro the most...

Richie Beans wrote:

Usee wrote:

...especially because of the unsharp rock in the foreground, so that I would try to optimise the rock in the foreground a bit, due to it's relevance for the whole picture.

If You can handle my somehow nitpicking and sometimes harsh critic and allow me to show You the artifacts on Your example, I'll take the time to show the flaws in a few days.


in the (middle to right) background near the mountain tops are some uneven sharpness transitions visible - even in the 1600 pix view...

I've since realized that gigapixel images are rarely taken in challenging situations, often taken from the tops of tall buildings, or just steps from a vehicle pull-out.

...maybe because in challanging situations, a single (wideangle) shot with less megapixel is delivering a better over all quality?

The rock is an important element to the image because it protected me from the 40-50mph wind and booming gusts; moving out of it's shelter made shooting with a 250mm telephoto at f/11 impossible, even with large rocks holding down the tripod. The focusing artifacts are not, in fact, artifacts and I'm glad that Usee saw them. this distance at F11 I would guess, that those artifacts are not focusing artifacts, but motion blur due to the strong wind...

...and You could have made them less obvious in post processing than You did...

...however, they are artifacts...

...which can also be seen in the lower left, where unsharp areas and sharp areas are side by side in something like a alternating pattern...

...and the sky in the upper left (on the 13 MP sized sample) is showing some stitching errors, and maybe some residues of tree branches, which You could easily remove, but You didn't for some reason.

The "unnatural" sharpness that USee cites, however, is likely an artifact of seeing the image on a particular monitor at a particular size. At 100%, the original 2.5 Gb image looks quite natural!

That is (partly) quite possible, but I can only judge the samples You provide and they show uneven sharpness in regions, where they shouldn't be and I have seen this issue in other panorama, where there obviously was no (strong) wind blowing, which could be seen on the leaves of trees in the foreground.

Nevertheless, PS did an outstanding job in stitching these images together despite the challenges I threw at it. I even tried the different merge options to manually correct for the shooting morphology and in the end, letting the software run in Auto mode yielded the best results.

Nope, You did that job and maybe some other software could have done it better -

however, I would have tried to make that "shot" with a single shot, using either a 15 MP Foveon, or a 20 MP+ Bayer pattern camera...

...and I am sure, that even the 15MP sized single shot would have given a better overall quality than Your 13MP sample of a GB panorama, with obvious flaws in it - despite the hard work You have invested and despite the expensive software You have used...

...never the less, those are the challanges one can learn from - and a big tree (with or without camera) who never forced a storm, will break more easy, when the wind blows, than a tree, who is used to harsh conditions from the beginning.

Edit: I will now take your Cigarillo, retreat behind my rock, and kill a new Bic lighter trying to light it!

...well, I like Your effort and our little conversation, so I pass a long, but thin cigar to You, that You stay a bit longer.

a photo taken from a friend of mine...

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