Help please: 75/1.8 instead of 35-100?

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One thing that I feel I need to mention is the limitations of the OLY 75mm f1.8.

My recent experience with the 75mm f1.8 has been very sobering. I shot in broad daylight and naively (read amateurishly) used f1.8 - f2.5 for images.

The shots came out overexposed and unsharp due to harsh light entering the large piece of glass. I supposed getting a hood could help, but really, with the discussions that came in, the physical limitation of large aperture in strong light should be a concern.

So if you are planning for using it a lot for outdoor shots in good light I'd suggest you consider the 35-100mm instead.

As it is, I keep the 75mm as a portrait lens out of the bright sun.


The 75mm lens can be stopped down just like any other lens in the bright sun. If you want to be able to use a wide aperture for certain kinds of portraits, use neutral density filters to facilitate that desire. If you are using any lens in bright sun, use a lens shade. It will improve image contrast properties and avoid or reduce potential issues with flare. I bought a third party $40.00 shade which is half the Olympus price which works fabulously.

The notion that the larger aperture of the 75 in comparison to the 35-100 is a potential liability is ridiculous.

Please think something like this through more carefully before you click the "post" button. Sheesh!


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I am writing this directly from experience. I have the 25 45 and 75. And as mentioned in my post, I had naïvely thought using the lens wide open was always going to work wonders. It turned out that EVEN with a ND filter, I would get overly soft images in spite of the conditions. This according to other members of preview seemed a result of lateral CA.

I have experienced similar images on all three lens and have always considered it weird why I got such images. It turns out that some lens can't be used wide open even if one has ND filters or a hood (both could help minimize the effect). the oly cameras only reaching 1/4000 doesn't help either. Fyi I had an nd filter with 4-8x and it didn't help at all. That 40 dollar hood might have though. Or not.

As the OP or someone else mentioned, the 75mm gives just the right amount of DOF to produce a fabulous image wide open. I love this lens for indoors and under moderate lighting conditions such as overcast days. Much to my surprise, it doesn't work well in broad daylight. Of course stepping down helps, but then that'd be introducing greater dof into the image and you don't want that. the 35-100 at 2.8 100mm could make up for this through the greater zoom and hence narrower dof.

Oh but what do I know, I don't think before I type as has been suggested.

It was pointed to you many times that the reason for bad IQ of your 75mm lens under bright sun is your poor variable ND filter, but you keep ignoring it. You also decided to ignore other examples of 75mm lens great performance wide open in harsh light when high quality polarizer was used.

And the reason you didn't notice crappy variND filter IQ on other lenses is that telephoto lenses emphasize filter defects. The end of this review shows how poorly your particular filter performs at longer focal lengths:

You can keep your wrong perception, but spreading disinformation is just not fair.

Here, one more time, a link to a session with 140 images, many of them taken under brightest Californian sun with F1.8 and F2.0. Not a trace of CA or softness. Care to explain how this might be possible? Hint: it's because I didn't use your filter, I used B+W MRC polarizer.

I'd rather notargue on someone elses thread. Suffice to say that I disagree with the notion that the ND filter is all to blame.

I am very fond of my 75mm but simply state an element that has to be considered when using it.



I have the 75mm. I would not think of considering this "element" you state "has to be considered" when using my lens. I have experienced no such CA issues. I also have the Panasonic 25 and the Olympus 45. I have no issues with CA wide open with them either. My images captured wide open with any of these lenses could not possibly be characterized as "overly soft."

I am finding it quite disturbing that you are offering serious misinformation about a stellear performer (the Olympus 75mm f 1.8 lens).

If anyone reading this thread has any concerns whatsoever about the IQ of the 75, do yourself a favor and find a way to get hold of the lens and do some test captures. Put the lens to the test. I promise you that unless you get hold of a "lemon", you will be stunned by how wonderful this lens is wide open or otherwise.



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I wrote a few paragraphs, then removed them.

Yes I am spreading misinformation. I am sayin the lens is SOFT. At all times. Not just BROAD DAYLIGHT.

What happened to reading.

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