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Re: Tom: so which FW version is on the FB you've received?

Thanks, I am far from  NEX expert and I am completely new to the Metabones Speed Booster.  I must try the 50mm f1.8 again, it was the first one I tested and I had thought I was getting focus touch up.  We shall see, if I refind Nivana I will pay more attention and pass it on.  Meanwhile I haven't toured all the lens correction. Shame on me, not even the mk1 85mm f1.2.

I have an old TS-E 24mm f3.5 which should be an interesting exercise for Mr SB.

One thing I noticed today was that with the 100mm macro fitted there was not a lot of space between the grip and the lens.  However I used the combination extensively yesterday and never noticed this as a problem.  I was actually surprised as how tight it was when I noticed it, it might worry those with large hands.  Of course the NEX was not designed specifically for the purpose it can now be used for.

I appreciate more opinions and advice from those who have had more experience with the Metabone electronic adapters.  They are not an 100% answer for everything but are a still an excellent product for the job they are designed to do.

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Tom Caldwell

I am not on the computer now, but check Metabones web for the lenses that shouldn'b be used. (not enough space). I have some feelong, that TS-E 24 ver 1, was one of those. Maybe I am wrong...

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