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earful wrote:

sean lancaster wrote:

I suspect I have been one of the more vocal critics of the RX1.

i doubt you're one of the worst critics. you were speaking based on actual use, posted examples of the problems you encountered and praised the rx1 when you thought it deserved praise. in most circles, that is known as constructive criticism. i think ianbrown's post is about non-owners of the rx1 handing out criticism without any actual knowledge of the camera - in other words, the trash talkers. they show up in every forum i've visited and end up speaking abusively of the owners of the cameras rather than the cameras themselves. when it gets bad enough, the thread gets locked. fortunately, it turns out most of the rx1 owners here are pretty restrained and seem not to need to trash talk back. maybe when you own a class camera, it raises you to another level of classiness? if so, add another plus to the rx1.

By this account, anyone who thoroughly researches a new camera, reviews many photos from it and then rejects it, has no right to criticize its performance. In fact, those who didn't buy it may have shown more knowledge of it than those who did. And you're saying that if users of the camera show poor examples from it, that those who don't use it, shouldn't be able to criticize them. This seems more like an argument for a separate forum, so that all discussions can be kept within this high-class group of those who have risen above the rest of us. As long as the RX cameras remain on this forum, their users are going to have to contend with us.

You should have noticed than when an RX user does post some excellent photos, that many of us commoners give compliments where they have been earned.

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