Need help with gear reduction.

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Re: Need help with gear reduction.

BobT wrote:


To build on your good comments, there's also the there any gear that I use just to be sure to use it, but could have been assigned to other gear instead? Example (not current). I have had a 50 1.8 lens several different times. It was hardly ever my go-to lens based on a need. But this was a lens that I pretty much forced myself to use to try and get excited about it. Never did though.

Here's my current MUST HAVE/USE gear:

T2i + 70-200 f4 IS USM....for grandkid's hockey games AND zoo shots(as it can shoot through fences and cages, rendering the mesh/bars unnoticable). I can NOT do these things with my other gear nearly as successfully, though I have tried. I can honestly say, for probably 95% of everything/anything else that I shoot, I could probably use ANY of my gear successfully.

So that's what makes this (ridiculous, to many) question difficult for me.

So get rid of everything else but the T2i and 70-200

Seriously, I think the fisheye and the superzoom could definitely go. What I don't understand, re-reading the thread, is just why you feel the need to get rid of them? I  have a fairly old compact camera (some sort of panasonic) I don't use very much, but it's not doing any harm sitting in a drawer, and the value I'd get from selling it is minimal. Probably next time I move to a different place and I don't want to take unnecessary baggage, I'll sell it or give it away to a friend who can make use of it, but until then I might as well keep it... or is this just an excuse for you to buy a new camera?

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