S5 viability for an X Pro1 guy?

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Re: S5 viability for an X Pro1 guy?

rattymouse wrote:

More idiocy from Ken Rockwell.

He writes in this article: "What makes a good photo is art. It has nothing to do with resolution.."

Then he follows that up with: "...the Fuji S5 turns out to be worse: lower resolution"

More profound idiocy: "The Fuji's extra pixels are used for controlling highlights, which make very little visible difference."

It goes on and on and on....

Ahahahahah, so very true, sometimes it is hilarious to read Ken...

By the way, I love my S5, I have a KatzEye split screen installed and even with that to manual focus with old lenses is a pain, at least for me since most of my shots are people so it takes nothing to miss the spot, different if you plan to shoot landscapes or static subjects at narrow apertures, there you go very easy, I have a 28Ai f2.8, when stopped down to f8 and focus either hyperfocal or close to infinity everything comes into focus while I have difficult to focus the 50f2H.

The S5 is still a lovely camera, no burst, sluggish buffer, not a speed demon in AF but color wise nothing can beat it!

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