Legacy vs E-Mount Lens IQ

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Re: Legacy vs E-Mount Lens IQ

Call me a fanboy, but Leica glass looks different.

I downsized 2 shots, one from my 7d with a 50mm 1.4 EF, the other with the nex7 and 50mm f1.4 summilux. Both at f5.6, no bokeh because everyone naturally prefers the canvas bokeh of the summilux. I also made the effort to tweak white balance until they looked idential in terms of color.

Every one of my friends, most who knew nothing about photography, prefers the Leica image. I do too, the transition is more subtle, natural, the image has a crispness due to the excellent micro-contrast. Of course, once you factor in the bokeh there is no reason not to use the latter, a foliage scene that looks like vegetable stew on the EF50 is an impressionist painting on the Leica 50.

Of course Zeiss is also different, maybe I should borrow a super-elmar someday and redo the test with the 18mm distagon!

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too lazy for DSLRs:-)

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