Death Valley

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You will find a CPL will distort a blue sky in the corners below 24mm in focal length. Just a heads-up for you in case you don't know.

Where I find a CPL most useful is reducing the sheen on wet rocks and leaves. And oftentimes the CPL will allow you to see below the surface of the water revealing beautiful rock formations. Be aware that a CPL will work against you when you eliminate an otherwise desired reflection. I oftentimes will shoot the same image with and without polarization. Learned that the hard way.

I compared a shot of some distant mountains shot across a valley to the same shot that my gf took. The mntns were crystal clear in my shot and obcured by haze in her shot. A real head-scratcher at first until it occurred to me that the atmospheric haze actually scatters the light and appears as 'haze' when viewing un-polarized. Mind you, I'm not talking about the CPL altering the light reflected from the mntns themselves rather it is actually eliminating atmosheric light scattering. I was blown away at the effect of CPL used in this situation!  Definitely an unsung attribute of CPL's.....Of course this effect is position dependant upon the sun,

Also realize that your UWA lens will converge the vertical lines of your images once you tilt it upwards from horizontal. To avoid this you can keep the camera horizontal and just zoom out and then crop the unwanted foreground OR you can correct for distortion in PP..... Mind you this problem will only be at the wider end of your 16-35mm.  In landscape I don't find the distortion a distraction usually.

Before you leave your assignment in Vegas by all means go to Zion NP 2 1/2 hrs away from you. I go there 2x a year since the 60's......  In particular do the 'Narrows' and 'Hidden Canyon'....... and 'Emerald Pools' hikes after a rain.  And if you are brave, 'Angels Landing'...   Watch the many videos on youtube....   put "Zion" before each name....


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