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Re: Film wishes vs reality

Lance B wrote:

I have to agree.

I have used film from back in the late 70's/early 80's till 2004. I wouldn't go back to film if you paid me. Digital has it all over film.

Hey Lance,

Show me a 15 minute exposure on your best digital camera.I have been trying without much luck.

I'd love to know how I can take a very long exposures with a digital camera without the sensor making a mess. Film does this so gracefully.

Vera Lutter makes month long exposures on photo paper. It is just not going to happen with digital.

So, digital does not have it ALL over film. all of the other examples that have been mentioned and demonstrated.

If you are trying to make the exact same picture with film and digital then one or the other might be better, but that is not what most artists are doing with film now. Open your eyes to the possibilities.

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