It was 80 years ago that Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany

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Re: It was 80 years ago that Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany

Wyville wrote:

LeRentier wrote:

80 years ago, on January 30, 1933, Adlf Hitler, leader of the NSDAP party, was appointed Chancellor by president Paul von Hindenburg.
What happened since has been amply documented, what led to his rise to power maybe a bit less, possibly because better documentation of his rise to power would also reveal a lot more about the political leaders in other countries, not just the support he had from German Industrial and Financial leaders.
Anyway, did we really learn from that period in history ?

No. Probably because people have been too busy turning Hitler into a one-of-a-kind monster, rather than address the complicated nature of the rise to power of these people.

Are we better equipped to avoid such a thing happening in any other country ?

The case in point would be that it has happened in Europe since then and people have taken very little notice of it. Maybe it was because the victims in this case were Muslims. Maybe it was because it was an embarrassing display of UN peace keeper impotence. Whatever the case may be, the Bosnian war saw the same crimes, especially in the Srebrenica massacre.

We can be tranquil.

As KEV has proven over and over again, things like this can only happen in Germany, because of its collective psyche, and Germany is well under control.

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