XS-1 compared to Sony a33 but not a superzoom

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Re: Try EXR

This evening I dimmed down the lights in my study and took quite a few photos with my XS1 and a Canon SX40.    Focusing performance was pretty similar.   Both would autofocus most of the time.  Auto mode was picking ISO 3200 and 1/4 second shutter times, F5.6 so the light was pretty low.

For the XS1, I did notice that for objects about 3 feet away, I could not zoom out farther than 15X and get Autofocus to work.   In the same condition, my SX40 would not focus at any zoom.  (I had turned off the focus assist lamp)

For the XS1, with objects 8 feet away, autofocus was working pretty well all the way to 24X, although it took about about a full second for the AF to lock.   Canon was also able to autofocus most of the time, but taking about two seconds to lock.

So just by way of comparison, I would say the autofocus in low light of my XS1 is better than an SX40, although that is not that saying a great deal.

By the way, in the same lighting, my Sony A65 with Tamron 18-270 autofocuses fast and accurately at all zooms everytime I click the shutter.  It feels like quite a different experience being confident that every shot is going to be in focus.

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