DA 12-28mm on the way?

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Marc Sabatella wrote:

Yes, I remember that. But still, that doesn't really anyone single-handedly designed any given lens. Still could well have been joint designs all around, with the "lead" team for each lens filing the patent for each. Not that it's really important to sort this out, but given the extent of the assumption that Pentax is simply in the rebadging business, I think it important (?) to remind people it isn't that simple with these lenses. There really was some joint effort according to all published reports, but the exact nature of it is unclear. As opposed to the "Pentax" versions of the 18-250 and 18-270, which really are plain and simple licenses of Tamron designs.

Indeed, joint design is not the same as rebadging. For instance, Hoya is one of the world's most important provider for lenses, producing them to many other manufacturer's specifications, ending up in videocameras, digicams and lenses from many imaging companies. While Nikon and Canon usually build their lenses from the ground up (in the case of Nikon, through one of its subsidiaries, see this link:  http://nikonrumors.com/2013/01/26/the-wholly-owned-subsidiary-hikari-glass-is-where-nikon-glass-is-made.aspx/ ), many other manufacturers don't have the resources to polish their own lenses from the ground up, so they resort to outsourcing, and sometimes joint development (like Panasonic and Olympus working together on 4/3 and M4/3 lenses and technology).

Truth is, collaborations like the one that occurred between Tokina and Pentax and Panasonic and Olympus are far more common than many believe. Years ago, Ford and Mazda designed a fews cars together through such an agreement of collaboration.

The Ford Probe and the Mazda 626 (and MX-6) had the same mechanical designs, with the car body and the options offered by each manufacturer being different from one another. Many technologies had to be shared, so one manufacturer had to fill a patent and give the other one the right to use the patent without it being considered infringement. That didn't mean the company filling the patent had developed the technology alone.

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