Canon Financial Statement for 2012

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Re: Canon Financial Statement for 2012

Rick Knepper wrote:

Doug J wrote:

Rick Knepper wrote:

David Hull wrote:

Ramesh wrote:

Canon is still making profit but it is significantly reduced. How long it will continue to be profitable if they don't upgrade their sensor technology is anybody's guess.

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Did you even bother to read the report prior to posting this comment? On page 3, under the heading results by segment, they comment that cameras are doing relatively well with revenue from that segment being UP by 7.2% and profit being relatively unchanged. The report would seem to indicate that the Imaging segment is the one segment that they are doing well in.

I doubt that (outside of a few pixel peeping camera geeks that hang out on a few internet forums) the vast majority of people purchasing this gear are even aware that there are differences in the various sensor implementations and what the implications of these implementation differences are.

I'd hate for the guy I'm hiring to shoot my kid's wedding to admit this.

Interesting. You select a pro wedding photog based on the sensor(s) used in the camera(s)? Any other criteria?

Well yeah. In part. I'd also want to know the rest of the equipment he plans to use. You wouldn't? If he plans to bring his scuffed up 40D and 28-135, I'm looking elsewhere.

This way over hyped sensor difference amounts to roughly a 4x increase in noise in the deep shadows (and then only if you are shooting at base ISO). Outside of DxO style measurements and some specially concocted test scenarios specifically designed to demonstrate the differences the images produced by these cameras are virtually indistinguishable.

I definitely wouldn't recommend that you look at Sony's results, it might lead you to think that their sensors really stink since they have hemorrhaging money for the last few years.

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Rick Knepper, photographer, non-professional, shooting for pleasure, check my profile for gear list and philosophy.

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Rick Knepper, photographer, non-professional, shooting for pleasure, check my profile for gear list and philosophy.

I would only be interested in seeing high book. If he/she has great pictures under similar conditions I anticipate for the wedding, that's all I need to know. I couldn't care less what gear he/she used to take the pictures.

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