Canon Financial Statement for 2012

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Re: Canon Financial Statement for 2012

rrccad wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

I have read that the 5D3 and 6D combo has had about 1.5% more market share than the d800/600 combo.

that would be a troubling statistic for nikon - considering they threw just about everything including the kitchen sink into both bodies and slashed prices dramatically in an attempt to gain marketshare - and the D600 was out 3 months before the 6D and they still are behind.

Nikon could have headed things off with respects to the issues (which were pretty trivial) .. by admitting it, stating what serials were affected and announcing corrective measures. they choose to be silient (unlike canon over light leak,etc .. or even past experiences with oil on sensor, etc) which doesn't serve them well.

On top of that, when you also see things like this:

and ..

and ..

makes you wonder.

Not surprised about Sony -- I have had some not so good experience with them myself but does this focus on cameras or is it everything in general -- I didn't study it carefully, just looked at the headline numbers.

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